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Wicked Tuna

One of my favorite TV shows is National Geographics "Wicked Tuna." Why do I like this show? Just because I guess. It is really just a useless show about fisherman bickering back and forth and fighting over who can, will, or have caught the most or biggest fish. But what I really find entertaining is the charaters, my favorte is Marciano of the fishing vessel "Hard Merchandise." That's him in the picture. Marciano is just a hard working man, trying to support his family in the only trade he knows, fishing for tuna. He was raised in a boat, is now the captain, and he hopes his children will not have to make a living the way he does because it is hard and the income is unpredicable.

I begin to think about Peter, Andrew, James, and John all fishermen whom Jesus had called to be his first disciples. They were fishermen, this was the only trade they knew, and the income was probably as unpredictable for them is it is for "The Hard Merchandise." But it was all they knew until that man came walking across the shores and called them to be fishers of men.

Jesus changed their life forever. They experienced God in ways they never knew existed, they saw love being cast upon people nobody could love. I wonder if they thought they could never experience that kind of love. But Jesus showed them it doesn't matter what your life was like in the past. His love is for all people, and we are better for knowing this simple truth.

Like Marciano we may be working our tails to the bone to make ends meet, or a loved one has a life altering illness, or maybe were just at the end of our ropes. These are the times we need to feel God's love all the more. But remember God has never left you and will carry you through those stormy sea in life.


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